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Carlson Home Hospital School

Los Angeles Unified School District

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    Carlson Home Hospital School Documentary

    *Preschool-aged students with disabilities are served by the LAUSD Early Childhood Special Education Program rather than Carlson. 

    For information regarding LAUSD Home Hospital instruction for preschool-aged students with disabilities, please contact Early Childhood Special Education at 213-241-4713.

    Carlson Vision & Mission

    School Vision

    It is our goal at Carlson Home Hospital School to enhance and expand the avenues through which our students can receive services. We consistently work to find more effective ways to build the capacity of teachers and equip them with technology that provides students, on both the General Education and Alternate Curricula, with a strong Common Core State Standards-based, 21st century education. We adopt and transform programs, such as Carlson Home Online Academy (CHOA), in order to accommodate the varying needs of students. We seek to address challenges, e.g. credit recovery, that confront students simply because they are unfortunate enough to become ill. We do all of this so that students requiring our unique services can quickly and efficiently reintegrate as seamlessly as possible into their course of study at their home schools as they continue their quest to become college and career ready.  

    School Mission

    The mission of Carlson Home Hospital School, through the collaboration of all stakeholders, is to provide students, on both the General Education and Alternate Curricula, with a compassionate individualized instructional program based on current research and practice that is rigorous, cohesive, and focused. Because students come to Carlson facing challenges to their physical or mental health, instruction is delivered with an emphasis on sensitivity and flexibility so that their transition to the next educational setting is successful, leading them eventually to being college and career ready, including those who may require supported employment opportunities and functional community skills. The wish is for all Carlson students to ultimately become well-rounded contributing members of society.